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Aircraft Records - Influence on the aircraft value

2 недели назад

Aircraft records are the major factor that influences aircraft price and market value. Not many users are taking attention to the quality of their aircraft records and a result loss a lot during aircraft transfer or sale. In several cases, new customers are not taking attention to the aircraft records for past periods due to consider that PPI (pre-purchase inspection) and major inspection should clean the aircraft history. And, if they will look at aircraft records from this time, then the aircraft will not lost value in future. Unfortunately, this rule doesn't work in an actual business environment and when the new customer is selling his aircraft, then he again lost money due to old records were not recovered. Let's see why does it happen

In the beginning, let's understand the term "Aircraft records".

Aircraft records - the documents that include information about aircraft, its special features, fitted equipment and show what maintenance/modification has been carried out on the aircraft, engines, propellers (if installed) and its equipment.

ICAO says that all maintenance or any action that can be considered as aircraft maintenance should be recorded in the aircraft logbook or in the logbook of the aircraft part on which this maintenance has been carried out. 

Example:  Calendar inspection has been carried out on the airframe. This inspection and all details related to this inspection should be recorded in the logbook as a short record with reference to the work package. The work package become is a dependable part of the airframe logbook due to he explains in details what exactly has been checked, repaired or replacement during a particular calendar inspection.

In my work, meet the situations when the short record is made in the airframe logbook about maintenance, but the work package is missed or not full (form 1 for parts are missed; certificate of conformity is missed; work card is not presented for the task which was declared in CRS; etc.). Such condition says the aircraft records are not full and forced to reduce the aircraft price (value). 

Question: What shall we do to improve such a situation?

Answer:  We have to recover the missed document. For this, we can use several ways which are useful: a/ connect with MRO who does maintenance and ask TRUE COPY FROM original; b/ask MRO if they have such missed document in electronic format and print out the record by marking "COPY FROM eFORMAT DUE TO MISSED ORIGINAL"; c/ redone the work, or replace, recertify the part which doesn't have Form 1. 

All this activity allows for recovering the missed documents, but it is too late when you are selling the aircraft. 

We are with my team provide such services during the time when aircraft with the operator, principal to avoid such losses in future.   

In our experience, we were able to recover documents for the Russian helicopter Mi-8 series, for Airbus helicopters (EC145, EC155B/B1(*), EC120), for aircraft Cessna 560 XL, Gulfstream G450, Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream G200.

If you need help, we are with my team ready to support you in short notice.



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